Monday, February 13, 2012

First Post

      Hello world! I have decided to start a blog about game design. This quarter, my classes have me programming more than ever, and have also began working on my first(ish) game KanaKatana, which has turned my mind towards game design again. Part of this realization including that I am one of those game design hopefuls, who really want to design games, but will be competing for jobs with people who can design games.
      This blog exists as a place where I can record the lessons I learn about designing games, and hopefully demonstrate actual improvement in skills pertinent to a game designer. Some ideas I have in mind for regular sections are

1. Game designer of the (week?)
      Inspired by a talk hosted by Cal Poly Game Development, and this blog post by Brenda Brathwaite.

2. Dev Notes
      Updates on games I'm currently working on, and any insights I learn from the experience

3. In-Depth Analysis
      An in depth analysis of a game I have played. Until I reinstall League of
Legends after finals, this section will be dominated by League Of Legends theory crafting.

4. Outside Studies
      Studying something like psychology or communications that can be related to game design or might just be useful to know.

      Though none of this is certain yet, I hope I can teach a little bit about game design as I learn myself. I have a long way ahead, so maybe we can learn together if your willing to stay awhile and listen.

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